McBilliards installation instructions
Step 1. Downloading McBilliards
Download the most recent version of McBilliards by obtaining the file mcb_06-08-25.tar.gz from SourceForge. (If that link fails, you can get the file from SourceForge's McBilliards file repositiory.)
Step 2. Unpacking the file
Decompress the file mcb_06-08-25.tar.gz by issuing the command:
gunzip mcb_06-08-25.tar.gz
This will create the tar file mcb_06-08-25.tar. Unpack it with the command:
tar -xf mcb_06-08-25.tar
A directory called McBilliards should appear.
Step 3. Compiling McBilliards
Change into the McBilliards directory.
cd McBilliards
Compile McBilliards by running the provided compile_all script.
In the event of problems, here are some
additional notes:
  1. The compile script assumes that you have a relatively recent Java compiler named javac in your path.
  2. The compile script assumes that you have the C compiler called gcc. You can use a different C compiler, if you wish. To do so, you need to edit the file Current/External/C2/compile. The C portions of McBilliards are merely optional enhancements to McBilliards. McBilliards will run fine without these C programs.
Step 4. Running McBilliards
Run McBilliards by using the provided mcb script.
The McBilliards main window should popup. Congratulations, you are running McBilliards!
McBilliards should be fairly platform independent (due to it being written primarily in Java). However, it has been tested primarily on Linux and Mac OS X. In the event of problems running McBilliards, please contact Pat:
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